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Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Rassismus in Israel

hat die ARD entdeckt und thematisiert und dokumentiert so wie einige andere deutschsprachige Medien. Yediot Achronot veröffentlichte eine interessante Innenansicht unter dem Titel: "Israeli racism scares me".Von Zeit zu Zeit werden darüber hinaus weitere besorgniserregende Vorkommnisse in kritischen Medien berichtet. Dazu möchte ich einige unter dem Artikel gemachte Kommentare ohne Kommentierung hier aufführen, um sie angesichts der Sachlage einfach einmal wirken zu lassen:

2.  One word is missing from his article
Jewish. If the author and his family are Jews, then they are equal to every other Jew. If they aren't Jews, why did they immigrate to the Jewish state? If you're not a Jew, Israel is SUPPOSED to feel foreign to you.
Jacob ,      Israel      (02.15.12)

4.  stand up for your right my ethiopian brothers    
racism ashamed to the israeli society a lot more "whites" should particpate in the rallies organized by ethiopian because it is not just an ethiopian problem but a problem for all the society
dovdevan ,      ashdod,paris      (02.15.12)

5.  Understand difficulties, but great admiration    
I understand the difficulties and challenges of intergating immigrants from ethiopia into the fabric of society. perhaps it would have been different if they had arrived in the 1950's with "everyone else"? Still some of my greatest heros are from Africa such as Carmen Hayes, Lexington Steele, and Naomi Banx just to name a few and would be proud to have Carmen or Naomi as my wife, even though i am ashkenazi from Canada.
Arnold Cohen ,      Tel Aviv      (02.15.12)

7.  Take the chip off your back and you'll do well
And your kids will succeed in Israel unlike a loser like you.
naro ,      jerusalem      (02.15.12)

8.  #2 our own unique form of racism    
There are many zionists, I among them, who believe in a Jewish state with full civil and political rights for all it's citizens. But that debate is irrelevant when a four year old is bullied because of the color of his skin. Israel was not created so we can do to others as others did to us. Were we not strangers and slaves in Egypt?
Avramele          (02.15.12)

11.  # 2    
Tell me then Jacob, what does a European Christian do who is married to a Jewish Israeli?
Can't he/she be made to feel at home here too?
Is he/she SUPPOSED to feel alienated because of his/her religion?
Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds to modern democratic ears?
Mike Carmel ,      Rishon-le-Zion      (02.15.12)

13.  Ethiopians    
We and many of our friends and relatives live on various religious or mixed (religious and non-religious) "settlements" where there are also Ethiopians along with immigrants from many countries. From what we see, the Ethiopians among us are treated equally and there are quite a few marriages between Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian young people. I think that most "settlers" (I don't like the word!) are open-minded on this subject. We and our friends and relatives would not object to our children marrying Ethiopians. What is important to us is that our kids marry Jews, the color isn't important!!
Daniel ,      Yesha      (02.15.12)

16.  Are Jews "Black", "White" or "Coloured" ?    
Whoever came up with this strange notion that Jews are "White" ? Nobody
pennylane          (02.15.12)

17.  #2 Jacob,    
your comment just tells me how you didn't understand a thing of what the author said. It's because of people like you that a lot of us here don't feel at home. Israel might be a State with Jews mainly (but certainly not a Jewish State, otherwise the laws of Israel would be only Jewish laws).
We all come from different background and for different reasons. Saying that Israel is aimed to Jews only is reducing the whole country to some racist place where "different people" are consider stranger.
I came here because I am married to an Israeli citizen (a man). I am a secular, comming from mixte background (Christian and Jewish). I don't consider myself Jewish nor Christian since religion is not part of my life. Does it make me less of a citizen than anyone else?
A second class citizen because, God forbid, I wasn't born Jewish enough? Does it matter?
Gregg ,      Haifa, IL      (02.15.12)

20.  Black is BEAUTIFUL! G-D Made People Black!
because it PLEASED G-D to do so.To be racist or insult Blacks is to insult G-D because it is G-D who made the Black people Black! G-D's work is PERFECT! Who would dare to insult G-D by suggesting His work is not perfect? Our Majestic, Awesome G-D does not see us by our skin color. G-D looks at our character. G-D looks at our heart.
Linda Rivera ,      New York, USA      (02.15.12)

21.  To Mr. Danny Ababa
Do I know it all too well.
During the early fifties, discrimination and prejudice was rampant throughout Israel in regards to any so called "Mizrachim" and "Sepharadim". I went through it personally. When those "Ashkenazim" discovered otherwise, we were treated differently. But what I have also later discovered was that my own family was no more prejudice and racist towards others then were those "Ashkenazim". In other words, everyone acts out his own fears due to their huge inferiority complex.
Please do not despair. This too will pass. Etiopians are for the most part are a very good bunch and most normal Israelis like and welcome you as our brothers and sisters. We measure a Torah fearing person by the lack of racism in his bones. All others may shove it.
Israeli 2          (02.15.12)

25.  #16 - We Ashkenazi Jews just came about over time.   
I think that heavy intermarriage with Sphardim, Mizrakhim and Beta Israel would do our people good though - getting rid of this silly ethnic divide for one thing. Of course, one can't influence the course of true love.
Henry from New York ,      USA      (02.15.12)

27.  Racism
Israelis are not racist, this is obvious if you see what happens when Ethiopian Jews get to do their military service. Kids are kids and they will always find something in their peers' appearance in order to make fun of them. Parents and educators have the duty to alleviate the bullying as much as possible. I do have an issue with young Ethiopians trying to emulate black Americans in their clothing, walk and music choices. It is utterly idiotic and even if it appears "cool" to our youth (white, black, green or whatever) it is merely an
expression of ignorance, lack of culture and even failure, this had to be said.
deavman ,      Acco Israel      (02.15.12)

28.   You are a journalist and your wife is a nurse. That means that you have not been deprived of your rights. Children can be cruel. They mock a fat boy, for instance, even if he is white. They would mock an invalid boy or a boy who does not fight back when hit. The excuse with your boy happened to be his color. No need for tears. Teach your boy to hit back and answer back. Try to look at it this way. I will give you an example of my own childhood experience: when I came to Israel as a child, not knowing the language, the children at school called me "the retarded Holocaust survivor". I came from Europe and very soon had to learn how to hit back inorder to survive.
You should learn too.
Vardina          (02.15.12)

29.  Can't believe it's so bleak
A few years ago I was at the Jerusalem bus station and a young female IDF soldier was sitting on the curb in the terminal (waiting for her bus). Her skin was as dark as can be. In my eyes she was beautiful, and I felt so very proud of this Bas Yisrael serving our country, hers and mine. On another occasion a group of soldiers were on a bus...chiloni, dati, and one Ethiopian. It happens that they were annoyingly loud. But I didn't care. Their camaraderie across religious and ethnic lines was inspiring. Once again I was proud of these handsome young people...my fellow Jews. I believe that millions of Israelis feel the same way.
Josh ,      Brooklyn, NY      (02.15.12)

30.  Disappointed by this lame article !!    
Israel has Jews from 50 + countries who had to integrate. These ungrateful Ethopians, come from a fifth world country. If they think it would be easy, they are wrong. Israel is not racist. These Blacks seems to overreact like many blacks in the USA ,and think they are special. Wrong!!! If they don't like Israel let them got back to africa and really suffer.
Don Rosenberg ,      Palatine USA      (02.15.12)

31.  #2 Are you saying it's okay to be racist if person not Jew?    
I just want a clarification because it certainly sounds like you are a racist.
black jew ,      NYC      (02.15.12)

33.  #2 jacob
They ARE equal to every other Jew: they are not being treated as such however.
solomon ,      bklyn      (02.15.12)

35.  Glad that most talkbackers get it
Every society/nation has its idiots, Israel being no exception. And the solution is exactly what seems to be happening: the majority stand up, say it is wrong, and do something about it. Soon enough this kind of racism won't raise its ugly head. Then Israelis can begin confronting the other prejudices common in Israeli society: prejudice against Arabs/Muslims and prejudice against non-Jews.
TaylorT ,      Earth      (02.15.12)

36.  Thank You Danny Adino Ababa    
...your article should be read by everyone in Israel and every Jew worldwide.
Gordon ,      Bronx, USA      (02.15.12)

37.  stereotyping
A four year old says something mean and you jump to condemn the whole country? Would you please explain how Israel or any country can guarantee that no one will ever say a mean thing to your child? What if your child were gay, or fat, had a large nose, bad skin, big feet, squeaky voice, etc. ? Is there some way to prevent nasty comments? No. People say stupid things all the time. It's universal and part of the human condition. Deal with it, and don't call it racism or condemn Israeli society. Not when you've been able to become so successful and have such a prosperous life. Demonstrate your gratitude for your homeland and you will break down more barriers than you would with unwarranted complaints.
RCCA ,      USA      (02.16.12)

39.   You should feel you belong
Black, white or what ever color we are we are still the same. Don't feel you don't belong.You do belong. It is not in blood or color that you belong to Israel but because you believe in what Israel has been and still are and should stay: A haven and a home for the jewish people and a haven for democracy, freedom and unity through diversity... Those who says you don't belong need to be helped to understand what Israel was, is and should remain! And racism exists everywhere, in every country. No country is an exception
טוביאס ,      שוודיה      (02.15.12)

40.  All children can be cruel to each other
And not just about colour, also jealousy, envy, hatred. Children bully each other, and in Israel it happens to all children, ask the Russian kids of a generation ago, slandered, called names, or the Sephardi kids of the fifties. Or the blonde kids in an average Israeli classroom, which is more dark than white. And it happens in every country- try living in England. Only in a homogeneous country will you not face such( try China, then it will only be about status and money and possessions). Too simple an article.
Jo          (02.15.12)

42.  enough with this story... i agree with #2     
i mean ok Israel is a jewish state everyone knows that... if u arent jewish u have 2 options or u leave or u accept that this is our land... thats not being racists thats how it works
esty          (02.16.12)

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