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Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Rassismus in Israel II

Kaum erscheint in den Medien ein Kriminalfall, an dem (mindestens) ein Einwanderer aus der ehemaligen UdSSR beteiligt war, teilen einige Israelis ihre Ansichten und Vorurteile über diese mit der Welt. Sicherlich gibt es (zum Glück) Gegenmeinungen, aber schon die vermutlich breite Existenz und das ungestüme Äußern solcher "Meinungen" weist auf ein größeren weltanschauliches Problem in einigen Bevölkerungsgruppen hin. Diese extremen und hasserfüllten rassistischen Vorurteile scheinen gegen viele Bevölkerungsgruppen in und um Israel zu existieren: sowjetischen Einwanderer (besonders weibliche, siehe auch hier, S. 352: "For example, Israelis stereotype Russian immigrants as thieves and prostitutes."), äthiopische Einwanderer, mizrahische Israelis, arabische Israelis, Palästinenser, unerwünschte Einwanderer (im Gegensatz zu den erwünschten jüdischen Einwanderern), v.a. aus Afrika, Araber im Allgemeinen (Kommentar 18: "Those Arabs who stayed in Israel never became honest citizens for the betterment of the Nation - except the Druze and some Bedouin. Guess what? They have more freedoms. Every generation among Arabs are radicalized not because of what Israel does, but what Israel has become - successful and a strong presence. Their lessons of hatred are not borne from the fruit of Israel's existence but rather the radical hatred of Arab nationalism right after WW I.",

Kommentar 2: "Fakestinians fake numbers


Of course they inflate their numbers, it wouldn't make sense for them to admit that the Arabs are being out numbered. Besides if all else fails we should remove this cancer from our midst then we will have a real peace. Start deporting them by names, everyone by the name of Mooohamed goes first that should take care of at least half of them.").

Ein solcher Überfluß an Vorurteilen bis in zu offenem und sehr aggressivem Rassismus (dar dazu noch öffentlichkeitsfähig ist!) gepaart mit böswilliger Verdrehung der Realität und befeuert von extremistischen amerikanischen Einstellungen (z.B. Kommentare 15, 16), der vereinzelt in gewaltsame Übergriffe mündet, verwundert und enttäuscht.

Kommentare zu einem solchen Artikel auf ynetnews.com:

1.  Anyone else?    
Sick of these non-Jewish Russian 'olim,' who come here to kill, use the system and desecrate our synagogues and our Muslim sibling's mosques with Nazi vandalism...it's time to shut down non-Jewish olim from the Soviet bloc countries...they might have a Jewish grandfather, but they obviously don't care about the state if it isn't giving them entitlements.
Casey ,      TLV      (02.17.12)

4.  Disgusting anti-Russian rhetoric    
The issue with this young man is NOT that he is a Russian.
He was homeless and had been in psychiatric care, and obviously was not a stable person. If anything, it is the fault of the mental health authorities to discharge a person so mentally ill among the population.
I know a great deal of non-Jewish Russians living in Israel, and indeed I am currently in a relationship with one (I am also not Jewish- as if it even matters) who signed up for an extra three years in the army and is part of one of the most important computer networks in Israel- ie if there is a war, he will be the one giving commands and mobilising all the units. I know many other non-Jewish Russians who serve their reserve duty gladly, and are studying in university and contributing to society.
Shame on anyone who judges their fellow Israelis because of some nonsense laws spewed by religious who are single handedly dragging Israel back to the stone age.
Kalina ,      I      (02.17.12)

5.  #1    
How do you know he is not Jewish? You think all Russians (or maybe anyone else) who are not Jewish are bad? You are a racist and I am disgusted.
kelly ,      toronto      (02.17.12)

6.  #4    
The fact you and your boyfriend did and do army says nothing more than an obligation since you immigrated to Israel and that's part of the deal.
Now,to judge if our religious laws and people are from stone age or not,is not your business,because when you immigrated to Israel ,you knew about them .
Yes,we do have problems with non jewish people who came from Russia,and some of them are not nice at all and you must know about them and our position about them.
We don't want to change you,but you must know that this is Israel ,with all its nuances and questionings ,and non jewish immigrants are part of these jewish questionings,because,as I said,your culture has brought not so nice things to us, along with nices ones too (I suppose).
Keren ,      IL-BR      (02.17.12)

Außerdem noch die Dokumentation eines Kommentars auf +972:

AIG – Your statement, “During the second intifada there was not one case of lynching or violence against Israeli Arabs just because they were Arabs” is simply untrue.
In 2005 Eden Natan-Ziada opened fire on a bus in Shfaram, killing 4 Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel and wounding 12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eden_Natan-Zada
In May 2007 Julien Soufir murdered a Palestinian-Arab taxi driver from Jerusalem. He said he committed the crime for ‘nationalist reasons.’ http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3685533,00.html
In 2008, a group of Jewish teens from Pisgat Zeev went out hunting for Arabs & nearly beat two of them to death. They were 16 and 18 years old. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a57_1211968472
And let us not forget the events of October 2000, when police used lethal ammunition to disperse Palestinian-Arab citizens of Israel who were throwing stones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_2000_events
Let us not forget that during the time the Gaza disengagement Jewish teens spread oil and nails on highways; threw boulders and toxic substances from roofs onto the heads of soldiers; and resisted arrest. Yet none were shot to death, as were their fellow citizens of Arab extraction.
And let us not forget that ultra-Orthodox Jews who riot in protest of parking lots open on the Sabbath are not shot to death by the police, either.

Having gone through 12 years of the Israeli education system, then 3 years in the army, then working in Israeli IT companies for several years, trust me, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hatred is pumped into the minds of Israeli children from day 1, with the school system playing the main role in Jewish-supremacist brainwashing. I went through the whole thing. I know it well. But I’m the 1 percent that didn’t buy the racist brainwashing, perhaps due to my atheist, liberal background, a background which very few Israelis have.
To me as an Israeli it’s obvious that the solution to the sickness of Israeli society can only be by means of boycott, divestment and sanctions on Israel, because change can’t come from inside. Not with the Israeli society that I live in.

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