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Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Rassismus in den Köpfen

Es ist unfaßbar zu sehen, welche Gedanken einige Menschen, die zum Beispiel Yediot Acharonot lesen, in sich tragen und der Welt frank und frei mitteilen: tief von Verachtung und Menschenhass, Verständnislosigkeit und einer unsäglichen Aggressivität und Gewaltliebe gezeichnet. Konstruktive, differenzierte Meinungen? Ja, man findet sie, jedoch selten. Es dominieren die Radikalen. Leider. Die Inhalte der Artikel zeichnen oft auch ein ähnliches, zwar nicht ein einem Grad aggressives, aber dafür umso undifferenzierter und an der Komplexität der Realität um Meilen vorbeischreibend. Das ruft erhebliche Zweifel an der Qualifikation und (zumindest angestrebten) Ausgeglichenheit von Journalisten hervor. Oft scheint es im Gegenteil unverantwortliche primitive ideologische Stimmungsmache gegen vieles and viele außerhalb Israels in der bereits diskutierten "Denke", wenn man sie als solche bezeichnen kann, zu sein. Den Teufel an die Wand zu malen scheint das Kerngeschäft einiger israelischer Journalisten zu sein. Einige Schlagzeilen (die Kommentare unter den Artikeln geben außerdem einen vielsagenden Einblick in so manchen Gedankenwelten!):

Christians who hate Jews (Giulio Meotti)
Israel’s water apartheid? (Giulio Meotti)
End of Arab Christianity (Giulio Meotti)
Europe's Islamic future (Giulio Meotti)
Beware the humanitarian racist (Manfred Gerstenfeld)
German fantasy world (Manfred Gerstenfeld)
The world blames Israel (Manfred Gerstenfeld)
Iceland against Israel (Manfred Gerstenfeld)
German democracy at risk (Eldad Beck)
Europe’s grave failure (Manfred Gerstenfeld)
Israel, the pistol nation (Guilio Meotti)
The 3-state solution (Mordechai Nisan)

Mehr von Gerstenfeld
Mehr von Meotti
Mehr von Beck

In europäischen Rechtsstaaten wären solche Meinungen extrem weit rechts außen, sie sind mindestens vom Schlage eines Broder oder Sarrazin. In Israel erscheinen sie zu hunderten und tausenden in den Kommentaren zu Artikeln der meistgelesenen Zeitung. Das ist vielsagend. Das Schlimme daran ist, daß eine solche Beobachtung sicherlich nicht an den Haaren herbeigezogen ist, sondern förmlich ins Auge sticht. Dafür gibt es keine Entschuldigung.

Kommentar 2 dieses Artikels:
"2.  shoot them    
shoot any arabs throwing stones at israelis. Likewise judean motorists-what are you waiting for?? arabs throw rocks at your car-shoot them. Get out of your cars and shoot them. They must learn that it willl cost them severely to attempt to murder jews.
hymie          (02.20.12)"

Kommentar 6 die bekannte Sarah B aus dem Land U.S.A/Israel:
"6.  Put them in prison ...    
... and throw away the key. Once they are identified, destroy their homes (even if it is their parents' home). You fight fire with fire. Israeli security forces are quite capable of taking care of themselves. But Israel has an absolute duty to protect tourists from violent and vicious ersatz "Palestinians."
A policy of zero tolerance must be imposed with all deliberate speed. Deportation of these miscreants should also be considered.
Sarah B ,      U.S.A. / Israel      (02.20.12)"

Kommentar 7:
"7.  no inch of Holy Land    
No inch of Eretz Israel to no one.
No self respecting nation would give up
sovereignty of an inch of they Land.
Its unbelievable how this idiots giving away what dont belong to them but to all Am Israel.
Zvi ,      YERUSHALAIM,ISRAEL      (02.04.12)"

2.  To: Z Atir at No. 1    
I wouldn't worry too much. Islamic-dominated societies tend to descend rather rapidly into the Stone Age. Europe won't be any different. Where's the fun in developing, growing and maturing a society when you'd rather wrap your women up like mummies, hang people from jib cranes, stone people to death and behead them in public squares?
I cannot wait to see what happens to Belgium's proud claim of having a thousand different beers when Sharia imposes a strict ban on alcohol. I wonder what will happen to all those vineyards in France and Germany. Yes, Europe's descent into oblivion will happen pretty quickly.
Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of mealy-mouthed hypocrites!
Sarah B ,      U.S.A. / Israel      (12.18.11)

Und Sarah B offenbart sich:
59.  To: No. 19    
They're hypocrites because they are afraid to speak up, or act in any way about the fact that the Moslems and Arabs that have moved to their countries show absolutely no desire or inclination to integrate into the greater society, but rather seek to impose their values upon the majority. That is not how it is supposed to work, but the Europeans have grown so fearful of their ever-increasing, vocal and belligerent Moslem and Arab minorities, that they refuse to speak up. How many more cartoonists need to live in constant fear? How many more filmmakers need to die? If you want to live in the West, then you need to conform to Western mores and Western attitudes -- and the Arab and Moslem immigrants to various European countries have not done that. I cannot help but think that perhaps they would be happier emigrating to an Arab and/or Moslem state.
Depends on how quickly you can adjust to changing facts, and facts and available information changes at almost lightning speed these days; my opinions folloow suit. Don't get me wrong -- certain things require considerable thought, but those would be more along the lines of moral and societal values. Political opinions can change as quickly as the political reality changes. It has nothing to do with emotion, but rather to do with the constantly-changing political drama unfolding before us.
Yes, you may ask. I am forty-four years old.
Sarah B ,      U.S.A. / Israel      (12.19.11)

104.  To: No. 16    
My children are somewhat younger but I, for one, am grateful that there is a Jewish state where they can be safe. I am not worried about a haredi Israel. Our religion has sustained us for several thousand years of dreadful times -- what is wrong with turning to that?
I attend an Orthodox shul. Yes, women sit segregated from men. Do I mind? No. I am sitting there with lawyers, CEOs, judges, physicians, surgeons and all manner of educated women. None of us seem to mind. We are too busy being grateful for having been born Jewish. Come Monday, we all go back to our positions of power -- in excess of the positions of power we hold within our own homes. Where's the harm? What a pity you appear to feel differently.
Sarah B ,      U.S.A. / Israel      (12.20.11)

Die wenigen Humanisten, die nicht den gesunden Menschenverstand aufgegeben haben:
"1.  Another pointless propagandist xenophonic article. Ynet,             
grow some.
Eric Cohen          (02.19.12)"

"37.  meotti you're so annoying    
churning out exactly what you think your readers want to read. You are exploiting these people.

"18.  meotti    
More deranged drivel from a hack wop journalist
horst ,      ge      (12.18.11)"

58.  Meotti hasn't explained why this matters    
Meotti is a racist. Imagine a story like this about the number of Jews in Europe. Or the number of Africans.

19.  Dear sarah    
why are they hypocrite? arent they the one you always praise in your posts when you feel convenient? now i would like to ask do you write out of emotions rahter than reality?
if not than why many of your posts are inconsistent? you said your opinion chnage and you adapt thats excellent but adaptation takes time and opinion chnage takes time too but yours changes daily like emotions :)
and lasty may i ask your age?
dont get me wrong you are intelligent and seem interesting person just trying to get idea of you
anton ,      istanbul turkey      (12.18.11)

75.  To Sarah #71    
I made a long answer to your post, but Ynet censored it, maybe coz it was to personal ? The trajectory of my family is not the usual you read in books about Jews leaving Algeria. OK, I'll try another time to explain, but afraid that it will be censored again : my grand father left Algeria in 1925 from Constantine to France, he was a french soldier, just founded a family. He fought for the recognition of both Jews and Arabs dead for France in the first world war. He thought that if we were able to die together on the front, we deserve to live together in peace at home. I don't develop more, I could. I share his mind.
I'm an optimist Sarah, I believe that we'll find a way to live with Arabs in peace, in Israel. Things are not black or white, it goes from light gray to dark gray. I'm a mathematician Sarah, a professional, when a theorem I want to prove is false, I have no choice but to accept and state the opposite, even if it hurts.
I'm not weak, as I think you think :-) But there is a time for everything, as you know, a time for war and a time for peace. I just want to not forget that.
Yossef          (12.19.11)

105.  #83 Sarah    
To your question "How is it possible to live in peace with people who wish to destroy you? " My reply is "I don't know". I'm not naive, I just believe in what Hillel said a bout what is judaism: "What is hateful to you, don't do to your neighbor". How to conciliate that with defending our people ? That is the question. Have you an answer yourself ?
Yossef          (12.21.11)

9.   We are happy Jews in EU, despite Israel and Manfred    
I really can't understand why this arrogant ignorant is given so much publishing space in Ynet. He may have published lots of books, but their real value was and is derisory. Mr. Gerstenfeld lives in his own mentally distorted cocoon.
Being a philosemit doesn't balance out being a fascist masquerading as an ultra-conservative democrat.
Mihai-Robert Soran ,      EU      (02.21.11)

Zum Glück ist die Welt aber nicht schwarz und weiß, auch in Israel nicht, obwohl wahrscheinlich viele "Israelfreunde" sie gern dazu zwingen würden, da sie die politische und gesellschaftliche Orientierung vermutlich wesentlich vereinfachen, ja simplifizieren würde. Viele der Menschenfreunde und Humanisten schreiben und lesen die Ha-Aretz. Jediot Acharonot, als Boulevardzeitung, (und vor allem seine Leser) dagegen tendiert zu der oben aufgeführten Art von "Ausgewogenheit" und "Menschenfreundlichkeit", doch ab und an gibt es sogar dort humanistische Artikel wie diesen: "A dubious kosher stamp", der jedoch von der eher rechtslastigen Leserschaft gnadenlos zerrissen wird, wie ausgewählte Kommentare zeigen:

2.  Also add censorship of all your stupid articles....    
How do you equate people living on Jewish lands that were built with the help and funds from the Israeli Government?
Do you think that Migron are a few shacks hooked up to a generator? They are homes with the same infrastructure you have in your N. Tel Aviv Apartment. They were hooked up to the central grid. How did that happen? The Governement FULLY backed the construction of Migron because there was no evidence that it was anything but state lands. NOT ONE Arab claimed this land as their own until Peace NOw came into the picture.
So dont make an equvalancy between the two.
You are just making a fool of yourself.

3.   where was Asaf Gefen when MURDERS were let out of prison    
is the author OUT OF HIS MIND ??? Israerl has let thousands of terrorists out of jail (e.g. for 'confidence building' with 'moderate' Abu Mazen) over the past 20 years. As they are freed, they become HEROES in death-loving Palestinian society, and never need to work a day in their life again. Many, if not most, retrun to terrorism. But when it comes to "settlers," all of a sudden Asaf Gefen is worried about giving a 'kosher stamp" MORE LEFTIST HYPOCRISY
Moshe ,      Rehovot      (02.22.12)

6.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Asaf Gefen is either a    
complete meshugene or a on his way to shigaon.
Asaf! What in the world has got into you? How can you compare the right of ownership of land that belongs to Israel stretching from Iraq to the Mediterranean to the legitimization of sexual harassment?
Israeli 2          (02.22.12)

Jews OWN Israel from G-d, outposts are LEGAL.  (End)
Bunnie Meyer     ,  Los Angeles, CA USA      (02.22.12)

9.  illegal? why?    
Why are such outposts illegal any more than all the building on the Palestinian occupied territory that is perfectly ok by the Pals? It is only illegal if we declare it so, and if we declare it legal like the Pals do to theirs, there is nothing wrong with making new settlements or cities.
Let the Arabs eat their own lies before we accept their lies as fact!
Larry ,      Los Angeles      (02.22.12)

10.  Please explain    
Why does the author asume that building Migron is a wrong? Based on what? Isn't assuming things don't caring about studying legal reasons a big wrong? Please Assaf, you are 200% biased!
Abraham Nachmias ,      Petach Tikva IL      (02.22.12)

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